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We must vacate the gym by 10:00 no later, this allows the custodians to clean the gym and change rooms and keeps us in good standing with the school.

Take part in setting up or taking down the nets. When putting back the poles. be sure that they are safely put beside the bleachers in Eastview.

If you are not a member, please pay your $5.00 guest fee to any executive (just ask) immediately when you arrive at the gym.

Please sign up on the board when you want to play. Each square represents a four player team. Once a square has been filled in by four people they are in queue to play.

When coming off a court, if there are individuals signed up to play, but do not yet have four names in a square, those coming off will either sign up to fill up a waiting square, or wait until others sign up. They should not just sign to complete a square, thus jumping the queue on those waiting to play.
There is no real dress code. Be comfortable. However, your court shoes must be non-marking.
Avoid abusive language, of course.

If your shuttle cock goes into another court, wait until there is a break in their play before retrieving it.
Singles are to be avoided if all courts are full and there are people waiting to play.

In general, be polite, considerate of those of perhaps lesser ability than you, and have fun!


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